How to use Trezor Wallet with Bitcoin Testnet

The following post is a quick tutorial how to use Trezor hardware wallet with Bitcoin Testnet. Connect your Trezor like you normally would Click on “Wallet settings” Delete contents of this field and enter “" instead Click “Save & Reload” This is how the wallet page should look Notice that in the right left corner it says “Custom backend”, this is expected. I already have 0.20 testnet BTC there. This is how “Receive” tab looks like, there is information that you are running on testnet This is how “Send” tab looks like, there is information that you are running on testnet Unfortunately there’s no way for the Trezor wallet to remember this setting and you are required to repeat those steps every time you plug in your wallet into computer.

Commitment scheme lighting talk

Yesterday I gave a lighting talk “Commitment scheme” The talk was give at DRUG #62. The lighting talk ended up taking almost 1h because we started to discuss how to organize elections based on commitment scheme principles.

Recommended Resources For Learning Bitcoin

In the recent weeks I did have many people asking me for recommender resources for learning Bitcoin from the techology side. Here is a list of learning resources that I can recommend: “Mastering Bitcoin” by Andreas M. Antonopoulos, purchase link:, free version online: This is a very approachable for anyone wanting to learn details of how Bitcoin works under the hood, so far I have read it twice 🙂

How to put custom messages into Bitcoin blockchain - OP_RETURN

I have spent last few days looking very closely at OP_RETURN features. This blogpost summarizes my findings and thoughts. Bitcoin transactions – recap Every bitcoin transaction creates outputs (called transaction outputs, sometimes called txout) from one or more transaction inputs. All except one type of these transaction output types will create spendable outputs (called unspent transaction outputs – UTXO), the type that behaves differently is OP_RETURN The UTXO are tracked and stored by every full node (btcd or bitcoin-core/satoshi client).

How to setup a Bitcoin node

This tutorial describes how to setup a new Bitcoin node on Linux server - this node will be used as relay node in the Bitcoin network and it’s not recommended to store anything in it’s wallet. Download bitcoin from official website: At the moment the most recent version can be downloaded using this direct link:"> Extract archive: tar xf bitcoin-0.9.1-linux.tar.gz Create bitcoin configuration file: mkdir ~/.bitcoin Create new file in ~/.