Hire Me

I’m available for hire

I’m available for hire to work on Scala and Akka projects both full and part-time.

I’m happy to pick up projects or full time opportunities that allow full time remote work (I’m happy to spent few weeks with the team in person to get started and then visit from time to time).

I’m interested in both short and long term projects.

Why me?

I’m Scala developer who worked on few projects, both in teams and on my own, in major Scala web frameworks like Play! and Spray (currently called akka-http). Before that I spent few years working as Java developer with Big Data systems based on Hadoop. I have a strong background in JVM based applications and systems.

I have a lot of experience working with Linux (Ubuntu/Debian), I’ve been using Linux as my primary OS for last 10 years.

I have worked with most of popular SQL and NoSQL databases.

I have a very good theoretical background – M. Sc. in Computer Science.

I constantly sharpen my skills working on open source projects (see: GitHub profile). I also get involved in local community by speaking and organizing meetups or hackathons, from time to time I also give a talks at conferences.

I’m happy to connect on LinkedIn

I’m also part of Big Data Consulting group Datacentric


You can get in touch via email: wlangiewicz at gmail.com

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