My Experiences from ASCIIHack Wrocław

Last week I have attended event called “#asciihack Wroclaw” held by guys running HackKRK ( in Wrocław.

The idea of the event was to create an ASCII based game in a day, here’s how it look at similar event held in Kraków:

Most of the people attending were developing their games in Ruby, and only 2 teams decided to make them with Java. My team (me and Marcin Cichocki) decided to use very nice ASCII game library called AsciiPanel -

Our game was called ASCII Invades and was a clone of “Space Invades” with few modifications to make development a little bit simpler. The source code of our game is available at github: and this is the video of the gameplay:

Even though we didn’t won (the event wasn’t actually about winning) everyone had a good time. So thanks to the guys from Kraków for having an event like that in Wrocław.